Executive Team

Catherine L. Hughes
Founder, Chairperson of the Board and Secretary

Alfred C. Liggins, III
Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer
Chief Executive Officer – TV One

Peter D. Thompson
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Linda J. Vilardo
Executive Vice President, Assistant Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer

Board of Directors

D. Geoffrey Armstrong
Director since 2001

Ronald E. Blaylock
Director since 2002

Catherine L. Hughes
Director since 1980

Terry L. Jones
Director since 1995

Alfred C. Liggins, III
Director since 1989

Brian W. McNeill
Director since 1995

Senior Management

David Kantor
CEO, Reach Media and the Local Radio Segment

Detavio Samuels
President, Interactive One, One Solution and One X Studios

Brad Siegel
President, TV One

Yashima White AziLove
Vice President, Corporate Communications

Joseph B. Isaksen
Senior Vice President, Finance

Mike Plantamura
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Jay Schneider,
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Technical Operations

Jay Stevens
Senior Vice President, Programming

Amy E. Vokes
Senior Vice President, Research

John Soller
Vice President, Engineering